10 Birthday Decoration Ideas With Balloons

Whenever we plan for birthday party decoration, the one thing that come to our mind is balloons. Balloon is most inexpensive and can be easily transformed to creative piece. There are tons of ideas to do with balloons. Let’s have look at some amazing ideas for birthday parties.

Ceiling Hanged Balloon Bunch

It is super easy to hang balloons on ceiling with multi color combination. Easy to do and looks beautiful for birthday.

 Ice Cream Cones

Simply glue craft paper in cone shape to helium inflated balloons, and it will turn to beautiful floating ice cream cones.

Wall Decoration Balloons

Making a balloon wall is a great idea. Use different color and stick them with glue tape Easy and beautiful.

Hanging Photos with Balloons

Create some beautiful memory by hanging photos with balloons.

Paper Flower Balloons Decoration

One of the most creative and beautiful design. Simple DIY by decorating cupcake wrapper with flowers.

Emojis Balloon 

This is an amazing DIY to make emojis on balloons. You can use traditional yellow color balloon or can do experiment with some other color balloons.

Glitter Balloons

Simply glue glitter to the inflated balloon and hang them with ceiling. It looks amazing and gives party feel.

Butterfly Balloon

This is super easy DIY for kids birthday. Make butterfly using two different color combination.

Cartoon Face Balloons

Kids love cartoons, for their birthday surprising them with the decoration of their favorite cartoon can make them very happy.

Age Appropriate Balloon

An amazing idea with balloon, cut out birthday kid age number and glue it with the balloon’s string. You can even send your guest with with these helium balloons.