Mickey Mouse Balloon Columns Decoration For Party

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Balloon decoration gives us major party goals. When we think of a party, we think of lots of balloons, food, cakes, and unlimited fun. And what's a better party than a mickey mouse party. Every kid loves mickey mouse. Mickey mouse has occupied a special place in our hearts. Balloons are such a unique way to decorate your party. Be it a wedding, a baby shower or birthday party. Balloons are number one in the list. Nowadays, people love to host theme parties. And balloons play a major role in the theme parties. Balloon columns for a mickey mouse party is

How to make a DIY Spiral Pattern Balloon Column Stand

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Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, balloon decoration adds fun to all without being heavy on your pocket. Now there are various ways to use balloons for the decoration like making a fairy arch out it, lettering, festoons or a column stand. Today, we will help you make a Spiral Pattern Balloon Column Stand which doesn’t really require much skill or time and can do wonders for the decoration you are going for. To make things easier, start by grabbing the following items: 1. A pack of balloons (try to find balloons to matching colors to add

How to Create DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand

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Doing creative things makes our mind fresh. So why don’t amaze your guest with your DIY decoration piece. Today we are here with unicorn balloon column stand. Let’s start with the material we need: Balloons (Rainbow colors) Inflator Quad Clips Helium balloon secure clip Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base Clear Tape or Clear dots Helium Balloon in unicorn shape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-6OKmzeA2c Step 1: First we need to make rainbow stand, Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed. Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom. (Tip:

How to Create Dolphin Balloon Column Stand

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Do you like to do creative things by your own? Then today’s DIY is just for you. Most of the time we see balloon stands made by professional in parties and other social gathering. But Today Party Zealot come with some very easy steps that you can make a dolphin balloon column stand by your own. Let’s get started: Things you need 1. Balloons (Blue and White) 2. Inflator 3. Quad Clips 4. Helium balloon secure clip 5. Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base 6. Clear Tape or Clear dots 7. Helium Balloon in dolphin shape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfN23yjGYK4 Step 1: Join