How To Make A Balloon Fairy Arch with Flowers

Isn’t a Fairy Arch, a beautiful way to take your party to a whole new level of cuteness, and what if you could achieve that in a very small budget by using simple materials like balloons, flowers, some cardboard, and all the glitter you can grab to decorate your DIY Balloon Arch. A Balloon Arch decoration is one of the easiest ways to give your special occasion a persona of the world of fairies.

So, what all you need to make this Balloon Fairy Arch of your own? Here’s a list of things that are easily available and will fit perfectly in your budget:-

1. A pack of colored balloons

2. Some flower bushes

3. A few zip ties, to tie things up neatly

4. A heavy duty wire, about 6 feet in length to support your Balloon Arch

5. Glue

6. Colored strings/ribbons

7. A balloon pump to inflate those balloons

Now that you have collected all the materials needed for the balloon arch decorations, just follow these simple steps:-

Step 1: Now, start inflating your balloons using a balloon pump, or if you have the manpower available, just blow them loons. A good way to spice things up is by inflating the balloons in different sizes and mixing the bunch up while decorating the Balloon Arch

Step 2: Attach the heavy duty to the bushes, using zip ties and then cut the ends of the zip ties so that they are not visible

Step 3: Now, places the bushes at the desired spot, and desired distance apart

Step 4: To hide that hideous heavy duty wire, just wrap it up with the string/ribbons

Step 5: Now you may tie balloons together in a group of 3 or more, using the string/ribbons, and tie them to the Arch. Make sure that there’s a uniformity in the distribution of differently colored balloons.

Step 6: After the balloons are tied to the Arch, use the glue dots to adhere these balloons to each other to create a much tighter, cleaner, and professional look.

Step 7: Now, spend some time observing your Balloon Arch to find the spaces left between some of the balloons and places which needs more decoration to improve the decoration of your Balloon Arch. As soon as you figure that out, fill those spots with flowers and some ivy. You may use glue dots or strings to tie them up to the Arch.

How to Create DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand

Doing creative things makes our mind fresh. So why don’t amaze your guest with your DIY decoration piece. Today we are here with unicorn balloon column stand.

Let’s start with the material we need:

  • Balloons (Rainbow colors)

  • Inflator

  • Quad Clips

  • Helium balloon secure clip

  • Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base

  • Clear Tape or Clear dots

  • Helium Balloon in unicorn shape

Step 1: First we need to make rainbow stand, Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed.

Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom.

(Tip: to make it more stable you can add sand or water to the round plastic base)

Balloon Column stand is ready, Now its decoration process has been given as follow:

Step 3: For making a beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon column stand, we are going to make layers of colorful balloons in the stand. For the bottom layer inflate four white balloons of same size (about 10 cm diameter).

Step 4: After inflating the balloons, simply attach the balloons with the balloon quad clip. You will get a white balloon quad.

Step 5: As the balloon quad is ready put the balloon quad on the balloon column stand as our bottom layer.

Step 6: Continue the process and make layers of balloons with different colors.

Step 7: With around 9 layers your rainbow balloon stand will be ready, make sure you have used all beautiful rainbow color balloon. Make the first and bottom layer with white balloon.

Step 8: As rainbow stand is fully cover with the balloons, now inflate the unicorn shape helium balloon.

Step 9: With the help of helium balloon clip secure the balloon.

Step 10: Fix the unicorn shape helium balloon on the top of the stand with clear tape.

That’s it, your beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon stand is ready. To get the material just checkout the product page.

10 DIY Wedding Balloon Decoration

Balloon! Balloons! Balloons everywhere. A wave of fun and joy. To make the wedding unique and happening here we are with some amazing DIY balloon decoration. Let’s take a look

1. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon backdrop is amazing to glam up the wedding reception or bridal shower. It is cost effective and gives color to your space. You can increase or decrease its size as per the space available.You can use several shades and can mix balloons of several sizes.

2. Fun Signage

Are you hosting bridal shower? Direct to your friends to different tables with these simple letters such us “eat” “sip” etc.

3. Statement Wall

Using heart shape Mylar balloons, are amazing to create a modern backdrop at the desert table. This type of decor can fill your empty space and can add wow factor to the event.

4. Clever Tails

Well balloons are one of the most beautiful item in decor but adding some DIY can get all the glory. Adding these tails to your balloons with different wording and symbols can give it different definition.

5. Confetti Pops

If you love colors then it’s gonna be your favorite.  If you are using colors in your wedding theme , THis DIY will make the venue beautiful and make you guest feel more welcome. This DIY includes addition of bright colored confetti to a clear balloon. You can add a color streamer to it and place them around your venue.

6. Table Numbers

This DIY is extremely  easy, and will be perfect for wedding reception. For this you should use Geronimo balloons and fix golden letters on it to make it more highlighted.

7. Fringed Tassel

This DIY can be used for backyard decoration or beside the cake. It can give “WOW” factor to whole decoration. This concept is for fiesta wedding but can be personalized for most themes by using different colors.

8. Ceremony Arch

Well this is an amazing thing if you want to get married outside. This DIY will fill the empty fields and make most beautiful place. But in this case the arch will need to complete right before the wedding.

9. Bubbly Favors

We always want to make our guests special and happy. So this DIY is with food stuff representation . Add something extra with their soda and cold drink bottles with different colors and flavors.

10. Grey Balloons Elegance

Well we all know dark colors look classic and romantic. This DIY includes a table centerpiece, it proves that you don’t have to use colors to make your event look good . It can be done by using colorless balloons too. It looks simple and elegant.

Wedding balloons decoration is one of the major part of occasion. Because wedding is one of the most memorable event of one’s life. Doing this DIY wedding balloon decoration can make it more happening, one can make it special by doing the decoration by yourself and can make memories while doing these small small things. Don’t miss any moment try these out and make your wedding memorable.

Balloon Twisting – Beautiful Daisy Flower

As we know balloons are the most inexpensive item for party decoration. But though it look classy and incredible if used in some different way. So to make your party decoration more interesting today we come here with an amazing DIY of Beautiful Daisy flower. Enjoy!

All you need :

  1. Long balloons of various colors
  2. Balloon inflator

How to make it :

Step 1: Inflate one long balloon, leaving 7-8 cm at the end. Tie the ends and make a loop divide it in half.

Step 2: Take the large bubble in your hand. Twist the balloon and divide it in three equal segments.

(Tip: First twist one third of the length and then fold it over to make the second one.)

Step 3: Once you get the satisfactory shape, arrange the three segment one over other in zig-zag motion.

Step 4 : Now as the ends of the segments are line up, pinch the ends of both side with your finger and connect them.

Step 5: Bring both the ends in the center and twist them to secure.

Step 6 : Now adjust the six petals of the flower.


Step 7 : Inflate another long balloon and adjust it in the centre of the flower as a stem.

Here it is !