10 Amazing Wedding Balloon Ideas

Balloons are the latest trendy thing in wedding decor these days. It can completely transform the wedding venue. No matter what is the location or how big or small the venue is, with balloons the place looks stunning.

Nowadays it is not limited to reception only. It looks amazing in gateways, cars or even in hens party! You personalize and can use it in a creative manner. Today here we are going to tell some of the amazing wedding decoration ideas with balloons.

Aisle Decoration

It is quick touch with elegance. It is cost effective way to energies your ceremony hall. These balloons will look amazing in photographs of you walking down and can easily go with your theme.

Flower Girl Balloons

This is the cutest idea, kit out your flower girl with balloons around their wrists. It will look lovely and very cute in the pictures. If you don’t want to throw flowers on the floor it will be the best idea and will be loved by the youngest one. It is advised not to tie the rings in the strings unless you want to risk them floating away during the ceremony!

During Your Portraits

To add a fanciful touch to your wedding portraits, one can use big over sized balloons for the couple to hold. To make it more gorgeous you can use pastels color or metallic balloons.

Reception Ideas

Entrance Balloon Arch

One of the important time for the couple is when they enter to the venue. So the entrance should be special and beautiful it is like the first impression for the guests. One of the ideal idea that everyone fall for is ombre-pink balloon and flower arch it will guide you guests into your reception hall.

Statement Ceiling Balloons

This is one of the biggest wedding trend for 2018. It is looks fabulous, whether it’s individual balloon hanging or a cluster canopy. The one thing you have to remember is you have to use high quality balloons like qua latex, which can stay at least 18 hours.

Top Table Decoration

Mr. and Mrs. balloons are very trendy these days. Giant Mr. and Mrs. balloons can make a wonderful touch to your top table decoration. Tie them to their chairs and make the couple feel special and proud.

Table Centerpiece

There are number of ways to make impressive centerpieces with balloons. For unique and delightful way of using balloon try to turn them to hot air balloon balloon, which look stunning on the table.

Types of balloons

Foliage-Filled Balloons

Filling the balloon with foliage give it an instantly visual interest. You can also use favored kind of flowers and leaves to give it extra effect. Please use transparent quality balloons for this so that the balloon could not pops up easily.

Feather Wedding Favors

You can use it in the middle of the table, it is unique and looks cute party favored. An adorable way to give a party feeling for your guests.

Just Married Balloons

These balloons look perfect around the venue or you can use it on the gateway car. These balloons are like the final touch with perfection.

To get the quality balloons and the material used in these ideas, don’t forget to check our product page!

DIY Balloon Chandelier

Balloon is one of the most inexpensive decor item and moreover it is loved by everyone. Balloons are not just for birthdays or parties, we can use it for many entertaining purposes. We can make very unique and beautiful centerpiece. To make you party’s decoration more attractive and eye catchy, we come up with an DIY for Balloon Chandelier. So if you’ve got an occasions or want to do something interesting try this easy DIY of Balloon Chandelier.

It is colorful hanging balloon centerpiece for our small celebration. And as making it is so easy that you don’t need to have much time. You can easily maintain it with your party to do list. Preparing something by our own is a bit extra special, it will amaze your guests with this pleasant surprise.

For this DIY you don’t need to hassle for the material. All you need to have is a ring (like a hairband; we have used bridal headband). You can use any type of ring which can hold the balloons and have light color.

Then you need a fiesta leis, thread and of course some colorful balloons.

  • When you collect all these material we are ready to make our chandelier. Very firstly you need to tie the thread 2 equal pieces of twine to the hoop so that i can hang it.


  • Now take the fiesta lies and wrap it over the ring in a manner that the ring won’t be visible.

  • Now the best part came, Blow the balloons :). For this chandelier you can use balloons of your own choice whichever color you like. So inflate the balloons and secure their ends with the thread.

  • Once you are done with this now hang the balloon all around the ring. Place them in a manner that the balloons are evenly placed. And you are done.

A beautiful colorful chandelier is ready within minutes. Don’t forget to try this.

How to Create DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand

Doing creative things makes our mind fresh. So why don’t amaze your guest with your DIY decoration piece. Today we are here with unicorn balloon column stand.

Let’s start with the material we need:

  • Balloons (Rainbow colors)

  • Inflator

  • Quad Clips

  • Helium balloon secure clip

  • Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base

  • Clear Tape or Clear dots

  • Helium Balloon in unicorn shape

Step 1: First we need to make rainbow stand, Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed.

Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom.

(Tip: to make it more stable you can add sand or water to the round plastic base)

Balloon Column stand is ready, Now its decoration process has been given as follow:

Step 3: For making a beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon column stand, we are going to make layers of colorful balloons in the stand. For the bottom layer inflate four white balloons of same size (about 10 cm diameter).

Step 4: After inflating the balloons, simply attach the balloons with the balloon quad clip. You will get a white balloon quad.

Step 5: As the balloon quad is ready put the balloon quad on the balloon column stand as our bottom layer.

Step 6: Continue the process and make layers of balloons with different colors.

Step 7: With around 9 layers your rainbow balloon stand will be ready, make sure you have used all beautiful rainbow color balloon. Make the first and bottom layer with white balloon.

Step 8: As rainbow stand is fully cover with the balloons, now inflate the unicorn shape helium balloon.

Step 9: With the help of helium balloon clip secure the balloon.

Step 10: Fix the unicorn shape helium balloon on the top of the stand with clear tape.

That’s it, your beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon stand is ready. To get the material just checkout the product page.

10 Best Balloon Games With Kids

Balloon is one of the most happening and inexpensive item. Balloons are loved by everyone especially kids, balloons are always related to fun and joy. So today we are here with some amazing games for kids party:

Bust and Win (Surprise pop):  Blow lots of colored balloons with small toys, candies and notes inside it. Hang them on board or on wall, let kids work hard to pop the balloon and get them their surprise.

Balloon Tennis:  For this you need large space, by using paper plates and paddle pop stick create tennis rackets. Blow up balloon and play a game of indoor tennis. This is a great game for a big group of kids. No competition only fun!

Pass the Balloon:  This activity is for at least 10 kids . Split the kids in even groups and make them stand in even line. Every kid should have at least one arm distance or half meter. Inflate one balloon and give it to the end person. Once you call start the teams have to pass the balloon under legs then over the next person head until it reaches to the person on the second end. The team who hold their balloon up at the front of the line first will be the winner.

Protect your Balloon:  Very simply and great activity for larger group more than 5. Inflate a balloon and secure it with a string about one meter long. Tie it around their ankle. The aim is to protect your balloon and bust other’s balloon, the one who will stand last will be the winner.

Keep it Moving:  It is a classical balloon game indoor game perfect for one or more children. The game is very simple, just keep the balloon in air and not let it touch the ground. All you need to have is adequate space free from tripping hazards. This game is total fun and loved by kids.

Balloon and Spoon Race:  This game is an outdoor game, like traditional egg and spoon. But it needs wooden spoon and balloon and outdoor space. Kids have to balance the balloon on the wooden spoon, the one who will reach the finish line first would be the winner.

Balloon Waddle Race: This is an outdoor game for more than 2 kids. Very simple and easy, just have a start line for them, inflate balloon and put it in between their knees, the one who will reach first at the finish line without dropping or bursting the balloon will be the winner. You can add candy or lolly in the balloon to limit losing upsets.

Balloon People: This game does not require any certain number of kids, it can be played with small group as well as large group. Have some colored balloon with some makers and stickers and let the kids to decorate their balloon by adding face. You can create little paper hands or feet to make it more interesting.

Balloon Darts: This game is like traditional dart game. Tie inflated balloon with a board and place in on one side. Make a queue stand kid behind a line. Give three chance to pop each balloon. Award points for each balloon pops with dart.

Balloon Collector:  Inflate several balloon and place them on the floor. Set timer for one minute. Send player one by one and tell them to collect as many as balloon they can in one trip. When times up, count how many balloons the payer able to collect. Return the balloon to the pile and give chance to next player.

These balloon games will be total fun for kids, so don’t forget to try these all. Make a happening party for your kids.

How to Create Dolphin Balloon Column Stand

Do you like to do creative things by your own? Then today’s DIY is just for you. Most of the time we see balloon stands made by professional in parties and other social gathering. But Today Party Zealot come with some very easy steps that you can make a dolphin balloon column stand by your own.

Let’s get started:

Things you need:

  1. Balloons (Blue and White)
  2. Inflator
  3. Quad Clips
  4. Helium balloon secure clip
  5. Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base
  6. Clear Tape or Clear dots
  7. Helium Balloon in dolphin shape

Step 1: Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed.

Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom.
(Tip: to make it more stable you can add sand or water to the round plastic base)

Balloon Column stand is ready, Now its decoration process has been given as follow:

Step 3: In this balloon you have to inflate the balloons with the help of inflater. Inflate the balloons in two different sizes. One diameter around 6 inches and one is around 10 inches.
(Different size of balloons are used to give it watery effect)

Step 4: Now the most interesting part comes. Fix the balloons in Quad clips. (For one stand approximate 7-8 quad layers are required)

Step 5: Now, pass the balloon quads through the column stand tube and make layers.

Make sure that you use both sizes of balloon in a pattern to give it a pattern and wavy effect.

Step 6: When the tubes are fully covered with balloon quads, inflate the helium balloon.

Step 7: With the help of helium balloon clip secure the balloon.

Step 8: Fix the dolphin shape helium balloon on the top of the stand with clear tape.

And it’s ready.. Quick and easy way to build a beautiful balloon column stand. Impress your guest with this simple DIY. If you worrying about the material used, checkout party zealot products in an affordable range.

How to Create a Wedding Balloon Arch

For wedding decoration nothing is better than a balloon arch. As we know that balloons are always loved by everyone and it is trendy and looks perfect for this function. So here we are going to explain about archway mixes balloons for classy and fun effect! This DIY is super easy and jaw dropping decorative accent, all you have to do is follow the steps. Let’s start:

Material You need:

  • Different size colored balloons of your choice

  • Balloon Pump

  • Clear Shipping tape

  • Glue Gun

  • Scissor

  • Blunt Needle

  • Fresh Flower and foliage

  • Hooks

  • Glue dots

  • Chicken wire

Step 1: Inflate lots of balloon , we recommend using balloon pump or inflater.

Step 2: Now attach the Glue dots on one side of the balloon and begin connecting balloon. Repeat the process and make a bunch of big and small balloons.

Step 3: Fix the hooks to the wall and suspend the chicken wire on it. Use the clear tape and manipulate the wire to create an arch. This will be the base of your balloon arch.

Step 4: Use the packing tape and attach the balloons to the chicken wire. Keep the balloon bunch closely and together, there should be no gap.

Step 5: Continue to fill the wire with balloon banquet. Make sure to fill the gaps you notice.

Step 6: When you are done with sticking the balloons, now you need to give the final touch- Arrange the balloons well and make sure there is no gap each balloon column should be perfect. Now add the variety of floral to the top of you balloon arch. Be sure to use fresh flower, you can use any flower with thorns.

As you can see, you will get an amazing balloon arch made by yourself! For a wedding it could be the wow factor and sweet surprise to your loved ones. Make a memorable event using this super easy DIY.

10 DIY Wedding Balloon Decoration

Balloon! Balloons! Balloons everywhere. A wave of fun and joy. To make the wedding unique and happening here we are with some amazing DIY balloon decoration. Let’s take a look

1. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon backdrop is amazing to glam up the wedding reception or bridal shower. It is cost effective and gives color to your space. You can increase or decrease its size as per the space available.You can use several shades and can mix balloons of several sizes.

2. Fun Signage

Are you hosting bridal shower? Direct to your friends to different tables with these simple letters such us “eat” “sip” etc.

3. Statement Wall

Using heart shape Mylar balloons, are amazing to create a modern backdrop at the desert table. This type of decor can fill your empty space and can add wow factor to the event.

4. Clever Tails

Well balloons are one of the most beautiful item in decor but adding some DIY can get all the glory. Adding these tails to your balloons with different wording and symbols can give it different definition.

5. Confetti Pops

If you love colors then it’s gonna be your favorite.  If you are using colors in your wedding theme , THis DIY will make the venue beautiful and make you guest feel more welcome. This DIY includes addition of bright colored confetti to a clear balloon. You can add a color streamer to it and place them around your venue.

6. Table Numbers

This DIY is extremely  easy, and will be perfect for wedding reception. For this you should use Geronimo balloons and fix golden letters on it to make it more highlighted.

7. Fringed Tassel

This DIY can be used for backyard decoration or beside the cake. It can give “WOW” factor to whole decoration. This concept is for fiesta wedding but can be personalized for most themes by using different colors.

8. Ceremony Arch

Well this is an amazing thing if you want to get married outside. This DIY will fill the empty fields and make most beautiful place. But in this case the arch will need to complete right before the wedding.

9. Bubbly Favors

We always want to make our guests special and happy. So this DIY is with food stuff representation . Add something extra with their soda and cold drink bottles with different colors and flavors.

10. Grey Balloons Elegance

Well we all know dark colors look classic and romantic. This DIY includes a table centerpiece, it proves that you don’t have to use colors to make your event look good . It can be done by using colorless balloons too. It looks simple and elegant.

Wedding balloons decoration is one of the major part of occasion. Because wedding is one of the most memorable event of one’s life. Doing this DIY wedding balloon decoration can make it more happening, one can make it special by doing the decoration by yourself and can make memories while doing these small small things. Don’t miss any moment try these out and make your wedding memorable.

10 DIY Balloon Decorating Ideas

Hosting a party?? Worrying about the decoration? Don’t worry today Party Zealot come with some amazing ideas for party decoration with simple DIY. By just adding simple things to it you can present it in a creative way.

Mini Letter Balloon:  If you are planning for a birthday party, then nothing is better than your own mini letter balloon. One can use it as center piece and to make it more creative don’t forget to add your favorite flowers to it.

Oversized Fruits:  Kids love balloon and if you want to do something new to their party. You can through a theme party like fruity fruit. Make giant fruits using simple normal sized balloons and hang them using a thread. All you need to do is binding in proper shape.

Creative Balloons:  This is best for those who love to paint. All you need to do is paint. Take colorful balloons and paint a pattern of your own choice. Color them the way you want but make sure to do whole decoration with the same pattern. So that it could look more systematic.

Emojis Ghost: One of the simple DIY. It is fun and very innovative idea. All you need is a white balloon, paper and sketch pen. You can hang them around your venue. It is fun to make and best to your Halloween party.

Animal Balloons: Animal balloons are going to be life if your party. Just by doing simple pasting and coloring you can give a character to your balloons. These balloons are loved by kids and youngsters to have fun.

Fruit Balloon: Surprised!!? Yes you can create these colorful and delicious looking balloons by simple steps. You can hang these balloons at your fruit corner to highlight it or give it some extra effect.

Improvised Design: This designs is super easy and can be done just in minutes. All you need to do is add some colored paper frills to white balloons. You can make these frills by using crepe paper. It looks fun and creative.

Floral Balloons: Floral balloons are fantastic and can go with any theme or any kind of party. And it takes minutes to wiped out. All you need to have is cupcake wrapper. Just flatten the cupcake wrapper and paste it to your inflated balloon. To give it more highlighted add a little flower sticker in the middle of the cupcake wrapper.

Ice-cream Garland: For this DIY you need water balloons. Inflate them in the shape that they can fit in the ice-cream cone. Stick the balloon and a ribbon in the ice-cream cone, wait till it dry and it’s done. It looks unique and beautiful hanging on the wall.

Metallic Golden Balloons: These metallic balloons are divine! It looks beautiful in any gathering. All you need to have is metallic paint and plain balloon Take a white balloon and highlight it with golden metallic color shade.

Try out these ideas and make your party fun!!

Baby First Birthday Balloon Decoration


Kids birthday is like a milestone for parents. Whether it’s baby girl or boy, birthday party always requires the best decoration. Every parents want to make their party more trendy, unique and memorable, so why don’t your decoration be mind blowing as you are? To make your party unique the best way is to add gorgeous colors or a theme to make it more special for your kids. Well here we come with some amazing ideas that you can use in your kids birthday party and make their first birthday memorable.

1st Balloon Birthday Party

When it comes child’s first birthday, most of the attention is focused on the decoration because kids memory of the birthday is preserved based on pictures and videos. For that nothing is better than balloon decoration. So today here we come up with some amazing ideas that can help you guys to make your kids first birthday memorable.


Baby Girl First Birthday

There is always something special in baby girls. Every baby girl deserve an unforgettable birthday. Parents always hope to make the party more colorful and happening. And we are here to provide you some good ideas:

Baby Princess Balloon Theme

Kitty Balloons Theme

Star Balloons Theme

Frozen Balloons Theme

Pink Balloons Theme

Fancy Ladybug Balloons Theme


Baby Boys First Birthday

Naughty antics and gurgling laughter of a baby boy melt everyone’s heart. Try to make their first birthday memorable and happening. There are so many happening themes that one can use for boy first birthday party.

Monster Balloons Theme

Car Theme

Pirate Balloons Theme

Mickey Mouse Balloons Theme

Jungle Animal Balloons Theme

Make sure you decorate the venue with helium balloons. The event should be calm and entertaining.  Choose the best entertainer in advance. Most importantly choose a colorful cake and don’t forget the candles and knife. You can also hire a professional photographer and capture the memorable moments of your kid. Their first birthday party deserve to be the best birthday ever!

Baby Shower Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloon are one of the most useful idea for special occasion. They are cost effective and one can use them in many creative ways.

Balloons are cute and beautiful decorative item, everyone love balloons  and when it comes to baby shower decoration, balloons are affordable and easily available anywhere.

And when it comes to baby shower, Balloons decoration is the most adorable way to make the day more happening. You can decorate baby’s room, party hall, entrance and many other places.

You can use as many number of balloons for decoration, with various colors and variety. Today here we come with best ideas to decorate your special day in special way.


  • Kids Name Over Balloon

Yes, Writing your kids name over the balloon would be the best idea to make them feel on the top of the world. You can do it with the help of professionals and use balloons of various shapes and colors. Your kid would feel blessed and lucky.


  1. Cartoon and fruit shape Balloons

You can make your party look great by inflating different shape balloons, Like fruit shape and cartoon shape balloons, You can make a theme party by using such kind of baby balloon decoration.

For example : Kids love superheroes so you can decorate your party by inflating balloons of that shape. You can make their day memorable by making their day special.

  1. Use Alphabet shape Balloon

Collect Giant Alphabet shape balloons and create the name of your kid. For example if your kid name is “John” all you need to do is order the balloons with letter J-O-H-N and arrange them according to the name of your baby. You can hang them at a place where everyone in the baby shower can see it.


  1. Balloon with return gift

To make it extra special for kids you can tie each return gift with balloon. It could be above expectation and every kid would love it. You can even print the name of the kid on those balloons.

Final Words

We have discussed various simple to complex ideas to decorate your baby shower function. We hope you would like this balloon decoration and execute it to celebrate the function in different way.