How to Create Dolphin Balloon Column Stand

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Do you like to do creative things by your own? Then today’s DIY is just for you. Most of the time we see balloon stands made by professional in parties and other social gathering. But Today Party Zealot come with some very easy steps that you can make a dolphin balloon column stand by your own. Let’s get started: Things you need: Balloons (Blue and White) Inflator Quad Clips Helium balloon secure clip Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base Clear Tape or Clear dots Helium Balloon in dolphin shape Step 1: Join the clear tubes with help of connectors.

How to Create a Wedding Balloon Arch

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For wedding decoration nothing is better than a balloon arch. As we know that balloons are always loved by everyone and it is trendy and looks perfect for this function. So here we are going to explain about archway mixes balloons for classy and fun effect! This DIY is super easy and jaw dropping decorative accent, all you have to do is follow the steps. Let’s start: Material You need: Different size colored balloons of your choice Balloon Pump Clear Shipping tape Glue Gun Scissor Blunt Needle Fresh Flower and foliage Hooks Glue dots Chicken wire Step 1: Inflate lots of

10 DIY Wedding Balloon Decoration

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Balloon! Balloons! Balloons everywhere. A wave of fun and joy. To make the wedding unique and happening here we are with some amazing DIY balloon decoration. Let’s take a look 1. Balloon Backdrop Balloon backdrop is amazing to glam up the wedding reception or bridal shower. It is cost effective and gives color to your space. You can increase or decrease its size as per the space available.You can use several shades and can mix balloons of several sizes. 2. Fun Signage Are you hosting bridal shower? Direct to your friends to different tables with these simple letters such us “eat”

10 DIY Balloon Decorating Ideas

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Hosting a party?? Worrying about the decoration? Don’t worry today Party Zealot come with some amazing ideas for party decoration with simple DIY. By just adding simple things to it you can present it in a creative way. Mini Letter Balloon:  If you are planning for a birthday party, then nothing is better than your own mini letter balloon. One can use it as center piece and to make it more creative don’t forget to add your favorite flowers to it. Oversized Fruits:  Kids love balloon and if you want to do something new to their party. You can through a theme party

Baby First Birthday Balloon Decoration

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Kids birthday is like a milestone for parents. Whether it’s baby girl or boy, birthday party always requires the best decoration. Every parents want to make their party more trendy, unique and memorable, so why don’t your decoration be mind blowing as you are? To make your party unique the best way is to add gorgeous colors or a theme to make it more special for your kids. Well here we come with some amazing ideas that you can use in your kids birthday party and make their first birthday memorable. 1st Balloon Birthday Party When it comes child’s first birthday,

Baby Shower Balloon Decoration Ideas

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Balloon are one of the most useful idea for special occasion. They are cost effective and one can use them in many creative ways. Balloons are cute and beautiful decorative item, everyone love balloons  and when it comes to baby shower decoration, balloons are affordable and easily available anywhere. And when it comes to baby shower, Balloons decoration is the most adorable way to make the day more happening. You can decorate baby’s room, party hall, entrance and many other places. You can use as many number of balloons for decoration, with various colors and variety. Today here we come with

How to Make a Table Top Balloon Arch

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We all want to make our party look happening. Making a table balloon arch can be great addition to your party. So here we are with an amazing DIY for a table balloon arch. It is super easy  and fun to make. So let’s start with the things that you need: Two table lockers 10 connected poles Balloon air pump Clear Tape Balloon ring clip     Now let’s look at the steps: Step 1:  Adjust the table lockers on each side of the table according to your table thickness. Make sure the table lockers are installed well and tight. Step

Fun Ideas For Kids Party Balloons

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Today balloon is not just a decorative item, specially for kids it’s a fun item There are so the many things that we can do in kids party to make it more fun and special. Here we are going to discuss some of the ides. Use Balloon  Invitation : Send invitation card with an inflated balloon to make it more happening. Specially if it is for kids party. Insert the invitation card in inflated balloon to make it more interesting. You can inflate a balloon and can write the invitation on it. Then you can deflate the balloon and can give

Balloon Twisting – Beautiful Daisy Flower

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As we know balloons are the most inexpensive item for party decoration. But though it look classy and incredible if used in some different way. So to make your party decoration more interesting today we come here with an amazing DIY of Beautiful Daisy flower. Enjoy! All you need : Long balloons of various colors Balloon inflator How to make it : Step 1: Inflate one long balloon, leaving 7-8 cm at the end. Tie the ends and make a loop divide it in half. Step 2: Take the large bubble in your hand. Twist the balloon and divide it in

10 Birthday Decoration Ideas With Balloons

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Whenever we plan for birthday party decoration, the one thing that come to our mind is balloons. Balloon is most inexpensive and can be easily transformed to creative piece. There are tons of ideas to do with balloons. Let’s have look at some amazing ideas for birthday parties. Ceiling Hanged Balloon Bunch It is super easy to hang balloons on ceiling with multi color combination. Easy to do and looks beautiful for birthday.  Ice Cream Cones Simply glue craft paper in cone shape to helium inflated balloons, and it will turn to beautiful floating ice cream cones. Wall Decoration Balloons Making