Summer Balloons! Celebrating with an Under the Sea Themed Party!

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Summer is the perfect time to cool off with under the sea party. Today we are here with a super cool idea for your birthday party decoration through which your guests will be able to escape to a world under the waves with your beautiful decor like 3D nautical anchor, over sized foam fish, balloon sculptures, seashell arch and much more. At Party Zealot we have  unlimited options for your party decor, we love to help people with balloon decoration with unlimited products and ideas. We can almost make anything out of the blue with color balloons. For tabletops and room decoration

Mini Rainbow DIY Balloon Arch

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Looking for some decor item? Whether you are hosting a birthday party, bridal shower or any kind of party a DIY with balloon arch is the best. This mini rainbow balloon arch best fit in as a table centerpiece. It could be the center of attraction of the party. Let’s start the DIY by collecting the material we need: Colorful balloons (at least 6 different colors) White wire Wire cutter Balloon Inflator Step 1: Start by inflating balloon. Inflate 4 balloons of same color (each layer of arch required 4 balloons). Step 2: Tie 2 balloons of same color together. Repeat the process

How to Make a Table Top Balloon Arch

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We all want to make our party look happening. Making a table balloon arch can be great addition to your party. So here we are with an amazing DIY for a table balloon arch. It is super easy  and fun to make. So let’s start with the things that you need: 1. Two table lockers 2. 10 connected poles 3. Balloon air pump 4. Clear Tape 5. Balloon ring clip   Now let’s look at the steps: Step 1:  Adjust the table lockers on each side of the table according to your table thickness. Make sure the table lockers are installed