5 Awesome Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas

I always dream of a simple wedding and when that was about to arrive, my mind was just not in any state to plan the wedding in a simple yet beautiful way. This might be the case because all the marriages that I attended in my life were all flashy to the core. After spending most of the planning time thinking about the decorations, I finally gave up and then one fine day I went to a Birthday Party which made me realize that Balloon decoration was the answer to all my worries. I understand, to some, wedding balloons and Balloon decoration may sound childish but when done right, you could have the wedding of your dreams.

From wall decorations to table accessories, balloon decoration is a fun way to add some fun to the day you have been waiting forever since, without losing elegance and keeping things simple. To make things easier for you, I will help you with 5 different yet awesome idea for Wedding Balloon Decorations.

Alter Framing

Decorating your Wedding Alter with wedding balloons will give you a heavenly feeling when you stand there with your future partner in your lovely wedding dress. To make things whimsical, use only uni-colored balloons, typically white or pink. Since all the eyes will be on you and your partner, you do not want the balloons to distract or hinder the guests from the lovely pair standing on the Alter. Fill up the balloons with helium and cover the strings with some flower bushes and ivy to tidy things up.

Reception Decoration

Give your indoor receptions some outdoor scenery, using Balloon Decoration. One of the ways to decorate your reception hall with balloons is by hanging them from the ceiling using glue, tulle or strings. When done right, this emulates a view of clouds, with some greenery element added to it. For this, you can again use some flower bushes and ivy hanging along the balloons.


If you are willing to pay a little more for some particular type of balloons, then Balloon letters should be your best bet. These balloons come in different colors and shapes of all the letters, which can be used to decorate dessert tables, walls of your reception hall and dance floors as well. I bet all your guests will go crazy taking pictures in front of these and give you add fun to your wedding album. These balloons are thicker and other general decoration balloons and will last for months, making them reusable.

Dining Table Festoon

Make a chain or garland of Balloons, using a hard wire or a rope, long enough to cover the length of the dining table. Wrap the rope with ribbon and join them to the rope using strings. Again, do not go flashy with colors of the decoration balloons, and stick to uni-colored balloons, like white or pink, and give your guests a fastidious table to dine on. I am sure you get all the applause for this ingenious decoration idea.

Photo Shoot Stands

If you have got some extra space in your reception hall then use that space to make some photo shoot stalls, where you or your guests and head over to and make your wedding album even prettier. And yes, you guessed it right, decorate this stalls with some balloons. Create a Balloon Arch or use the hacks from above ideas, or create a scenery of your own, go crazy with the Balloon decoration and get the most off your wedding shoots.

What are you waiting for??
Go and use these ideas to make your event a memorable one.

10 Amazing Wedding Balloon Ideas

Balloons are the latest trendy thing in wedding decor these days. It can completely transform the wedding venue. No matter what is the location or how big or small the venue is, with balloons the place looks stunning.

Nowadays it is not limited to reception only. It looks amazing in gateways, cars or even in hens party! You personalize and can use it in a creative manner. Today here we are going to tell some of the amazing wedding decoration ideas with balloons.

Aisle Decoration

It is quick touch with elegance. It is cost effective way to energies your ceremony hall. These balloons will look amazing in photographs of you walking down and can easily go with your theme.

Flower Girl Balloons

This is the cutest idea, kit out your flower girl with balloons around their wrists. It will look lovely and very cute in the pictures. If you don’t want to throw flowers on the floor it will be the best idea and will be loved by the youngest one. It is advised not to tie the rings in the strings unless you want to risk them floating away during the ceremony!

During Your Portraits

To add a fanciful touch to your wedding portraits, one can use big over sized balloons for the couple to hold. To make it more gorgeous you can use pastels color or metallic balloons.

Reception Ideas

Entrance Balloon Arch

One of the important time for the couple is when they enter to the venue. So the entrance should be special and beautiful it is like the first impression for the guests. One of the ideal idea that everyone fall for is ombre-pink balloon and flower arch it will guide you guests into your reception hall.

Statement Ceiling Balloons

This is one of the biggest wedding trend for 2018. It is looks fabulous, whether it’s individual balloon hanging or a cluster canopy. The one thing you have to remember is you have to use high quality balloons like qua latex, which can stay at least 18 hours.

Top Table Decoration

Mr. and Mrs. balloons are very trendy these days. Giant Mr. and Mrs. balloons can make a wonderful touch to your top table decoration. Tie them to their chairs and make the couple feel special and proud.

Table Centerpiece

There are number of ways to make impressive centerpieces with balloons. For unique and delightful way of using balloon try to turn them to hot air balloon balloon, which look stunning on the table.

Types of balloons

Foliage-Filled Balloons

Filling the balloon with foliage give it an instantly visual interest. You can also use favored kind of flowers and leaves to give it extra effect. Please use transparent quality balloons for this so that the balloon could not pops up easily.

Feather Wedding Favors

You can use it in the middle of the table, it is unique and looks cute party favored. An adorable way to give a party feeling for your guests.

Just Married Balloons

These balloons look perfect around the venue or you can use it on the gateway car. These balloons are like the final touch with perfection.

To get the quality balloons and the material used in these ideas, don’t forget to check our product page!

How to Create a Wedding Balloon Arch

For wedding decoration nothing is better than a balloon arch. As we know that balloons are always loved by everyone and it is trendy and looks perfect for this function. So here we are going to explain about archway mixes balloons for classy and fun effect! This DIY is super easy and jaw dropping decorative accent, all you have to do is follow the steps. Let’s start:

Material You need:

  • Different size colored balloons of your choice

  • Balloon Pump

  • Clear Shipping tape

  • Glue Gun

  • Scissor

  • Blunt Needle

  • Fresh Flower and foliage

  • Hooks

  • Glue dots

  • Chicken wire

Step 1: Inflate lots of balloon , we recommend using balloon pump or inflater.

Step 2: Now attach the Glue dots on one side of the balloon and begin connecting balloon. Repeat the process and make a bunch of big and small balloons.

Step 3: Fix the hooks to the wall and suspend the chicken wire on it. Use the clear tape and manipulate the wire to create an arch. This will be the base of your balloon arch.

Step 4: Use the packing tape and attach the balloons to the chicken wire. Keep the balloon bunch closely and together, there should be no gap.

Step 5: Continue to fill the wire with balloon banquet. Make sure to fill the gaps you notice.

Step 6: When you are done with sticking the balloons, now you need to give the final touch- Arrange the balloons well and make sure there is no gap each balloon column should be perfect. Now add the variety of floral to the top of you balloon arch. Be sure to use fresh flower, you can use any flower with thorns.

As you can see, you will get an amazing balloon arch made by yourself! For a wedding it could be the wow factor and sweet surprise to your loved ones. Make a memorable event using this super easy DIY.

10 DIY Wedding Balloon Decoration

Balloon! Balloons! Balloons everywhere. A wave of fun and joy. To make the wedding unique and happening here we are with some amazing DIY balloon decoration. Let’s take a look

1. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon backdrop is amazing to glam up the wedding reception or bridal shower. It is cost effective and gives color to your space. You can increase or decrease its size as per the space available.You can use several shades and can mix balloons of several sizes.

2. Fun Signage

Are you hosting bridal shower? Direct to your friends to different tables with these simple letters such us “eat” “sip” etc.

3. Statement Wall

Using heart shape Mylar balloons, are amazing to create a modern backdrop at the desert table. This type of decor can fill your empty space and can add wow factor to the event.

4. Clever Tails

Well balloons are one of the most beautiful item in decor but adding some DIY can get all the glory. Adding these tails to your balloons with different wording and symbols can give it different definition.

5. Confetti Pops

If you love colors then it’s gonna be your favorite.  If you are using colors in your wedding theme , THis DIY will make the venue beautiful and make you guest feel more welcome. This DIY includes addition of bright colored confetti to a clear balloon. You can add a color streamer to it and place them around your venue.

6. Table Numbers

This DIY is extremely  easy, and will be perfect for wedding reception. For this you should use Geronimo balloons and fix golden letters on it to make it more highlighted.

7. Fringed Tassel

This DIY can be used for backyard decoration or beside the cake. It can give “WOW” factor to whole decoration. This concept is for fiesta wedding but can be personalized for most themes by using different colors.

8. Ceremony Arch

Well this is an amazing thing if you want to get married outside. This DIY will fill the empty fields and make most beautiful place. But in this case the arch will need to complete right before the wedding.

9. Bubbly Favors

We always want to make our guests special and happy. So this DIY is with food stuff representation . Add something extra with their soda and cold drink bottles with different colors and flavors.

10. Grey Balloons Elegance

Well we all know dark colors look classic and romantic. This DIY includes a table centerpiece, it proves that you don’t have to use colors to make your event look good . It can be done by using colorless balloons too. It looks simple and elegant.

Wedding balloons decoration is one of the major part of occasion. Because wedding is one of the most memorable event of one’s life. Doing this DIY wedding balloon decoration can make it more happening, one can make it special by doing the decoration by yourself and can make memories while doing these small small things. Don’t miss any moment try these out and make your wedding memorable.

How to Make a Festive Fall Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are incredible for festivals. They are so popular and makes the party look spectacular. Creating a balloon arch can add “Wow factor” to your party. You can use it on party entrance back sage even on any empty wall to make it interesting. Moreover there are some very easy DIY steps to do it.

Collect the following material:

A variety of small and large balloons.
• DIY Balloon Arch
Balloon Air Pump
Balloons Rings
• Scissors

How to create Balloon Arch:

Step 1: Start inflating balloon of small size in various colors and tie knot in the end of each balloon.

Balloon column stand air pump


Step 2: Tie the end of two inflated balloon together and set aside.


Blow Balloons


Step 3: Repeat step 2. Then combine the two inflated pairs by twisting their ends together. It will bond together in a cluster of four.

Step 4: After having a cluster of four balloons, add another pair of balloons to it. Do it until you have cluster of eight balloons.


Festival Balloons


Step 5: Now we make a cluster using a pair of small balloons and large balloons, By totaling six balloons.

Step 6: To make an arch perfect place the balloon cluster as close as possible with no gap.


Fill Gaps


Step 7: Now take the fishing line and wind around in different direction until it is secure.

Step 8: Repeat step 5 and 6 and add cluster to your arch until you reached your desired length.


Balloon Arch

If you want to add more volume to your arch you can add more balloons to it. Moreover to give extra effects you can add flowers to it.

For flower garland please be careful with the sharp edges. With the help of hooks stick it on the desired place.

And finally! You will get it the way you want. We are extremely happy with this balloon arch.

Cheers to this DIY project and make the party awesome.

10 Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas with Balloons

Balloons are the classic decor item and it is suitable for any type of function. So why not for wedding? Here we have tons of awesome and creative ideas that can be used in wedding and reception to make it more beautiful and classy. Some of them are customized with colors, some of them are customized with saying and much more. We have got all the ideas together just for you, Let’s have a look!

  • A Rainbow of Balloon is truly a great idea that will work for you. Use colors and different sizes of balloon to make it look more awesome.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Balloon.You can use this Mr. and Mrs balloons anywhere whether on getaway car or on the venue entry. It will give a memorable and perfect display.

  • Giant Flower is also one of the popular and amazing decoration idea in balloon. Use beautiful color combination to make it look more happening.

  • Balloon Garland. It looks awesome and it can be used on various places. You can make arches using beautiful color combination. It looks amazing and creative.

    • Table Decoration. You can use a Wedding balloon bouquets on table to impress your guest. Using it by matching with tables base gives it additional effect.

  • Balloon Pillars with flowers is very impressive and eye-catching idea. It looks more beautiful by giving it floral element touch.


  • Heart Shape arch on stage. This is specially for the couple to give them pleasant and a romantic surprise. It feels great during the vows ceremony.

  • Glowing Balloon. By using glowing sticks before inflating them makes it look cute and adorable.

  • Fun filled. By doing some creativity you can add fun to your decoration. By filling them with contrasting color small size balloon.

  • Sparkles. Use sparkles to make them look more attractive and highlighted.

10 Little-Known Tips to Make Your Bachelorette Party Unforgettable

Best Bachelors party ideas

A bachelorette party is no small thing. For the bride, it’s a way to celebrate moving on to an entirely new phase as they put the single life behind them.

For you, the maid of honor, the party is something entirely different:

A challenge. Think about it. You’ve got bridesmaids and relatives to herd. You’ve got venues to book, cakes to plan, props to buy—and on top of that, you want to make an impression that leaves everyone feeling happy.

How do you do it? By sticking to these 10 little-known tips to make the bachelorette party go off without a hitch:

1. Buy Some Unique Ice Molds

Admit it: you’re going to serve drinks. And many good cocktails require ice in some form or another. This is a perfect opportunity to sneak in a little fun: buy some party-specific ice molds (even of the risqué variety) and use those instead of ice cubes.

Buy Some Unique Ice Molds

After all, you’re going to need to provide ice anyway—unless you’re simply bar-hopping. This way you can squeeze a little more fun out of what is an otherwise-routine party responsibility.

2. Do Something the Bride Loves

Maybe this one isn’t quite so “little-known,” but it is essential. If the bride loves wine, take a trip to a vineyard. If they love boating, charter a boat or even take the party out on a booze cruise! There’s really no limit to how you can incorporate the interests of the bride—but you will want to do so to make the bride feel extra-special.

Do Something the Bride Loves

If you can’t book the right venue, you can incorporate little details from the bride’s life into the party in the form of party masks, party favors, and the like. The key? Don’t forget to ignore the bride’s wants and wishes.

3. Communicate from One Place—and One Place Only

Anyone who’s ever planned a bachelorette party before knows that the most frequent problem is also the simplest: communication.

Communicate from One Place—and One Place Only

Multiple text threads. Some people emailing. Some people contacting you via social media. It seems like there’s no end to the messages—or the myriad ways in which attendees try to contact you.

To keep it simple, try creating one source for RSVP’s and other communication. For example, you might create a temporary Facebook group to include the party—and post your number there for RSVP’s.

That’s it. No additional emails or phone numbers required. The more complicated you make it, the more complicated it will be.

4. Book ASAP

If you’re in charge with booking a venue, you need to research venues. Not later. Not in two months. Now.
Why? Because you can miss out on venues as they book up throughout the wedding season.


Don’t wait until you have a certain amount of RSVPs before you book a venue or limousine services. Take a “build it and they will come” approach. As long as you know what date is open for most people, you can start building and booking the party right now. The longer you wait, the harder it will get.

5. Specialty Cocktails

A bachelorette party is more than another night out on the town, so you should have more to drink than the usual “night on the town” fare.


Specialty Cocktails

Specialty cocktails are the best way to make this happen. Whether you’re making margaritas, cosmos, or anything in between, try to come up with an easy way to serve a special drink. Don’t be afraid to go all out, either—guests will appreciate the opportunity to cut loose.

6. Decorate Your Venue

Whether you’re starting off at someone’s house or renting out a venue, arrive early to make sure there are a few party decorations in place. These decorations are a sure way to get people in the mood to relax and enjoy themselves—while making the experience unforgettable for the bride.

Decorate Your Venue

You don’t have to rent the party store, either. Even just a few decorations like balloons decoration can have a great effect on most venues. The key here is having the decorations ready to go—and remembering to arrive early.

7. Buy a Custom Dress or Shirt

Think of this as “party decoration” on another level.

Specialty Cocktails

A custom dress or a shirt to commemorate the party not only allows guests to have some fun, but will make for great photo opportunities. You’ll see “MRS.” Shirts with the specific date of the wedding, for example.

Going out later and don’t want to wear shirts? Then you can experiment with other custom items—dresses, hats—and don’t forget the tiara.

8. The Special Chair

When the bride arrives, she should have a special place to sit—just another spot at the table won’t do. Go all-out by decorating one of the chairs and putting it out where everyone can see it. Some people even go so far as to decorate the chair with its own bridal dress.

Your special chair doesn’t have to incorporate these elements, but you should seek out a way to make the bachelorette feel special. This is, after all, their day.

9. Silly Props

You can special-order some expensive cookies and cakes in the traditional bachelorette party shapes of…well, you know what. But you can have just as much fun with cheap props and save the expensive cake for something you’d be proud to photograph.

Specialty Cocktails

Silly props can include anything from “Ring-Pops”—remember those?—to the more risque. Simply find a discount party outlet with these items and you’ll have no problem stuffing your party with all sorts of trinkets to keep people occupied.

10. Don’t Forget to Pack Some Flats

This might be the most little-known tip on the list…but it might also be the most valuable.

You’ve been to a bachelorette party before. You know just how much time can be spent moving from one pub to the other—and it’s all spent walking. Even if you don’t have ambitious plans like that, simply moving from one venue to another will require a lot of walking.

And it’s usually in high-heels.

Pack some cheap “flat” alternatives for the party-goers to use when their feet get sore. This isn’t just a way to keep people comfortable, but it’s a way to be the thoughtful maid of honor you know yourself to be. After all, not all of you read 10 tips on making a bachelorette party unforgettable. But if you’ve stuck this one out to the end, good job.

There’s a lucky bride out there who’s going to have an amazing bachelorette party.