How to make a Balloon Garland

If I ask that you that have you ever seen a balloon installation? Your answer would be a big yes because balloon garlands are all the rage these days-from small birthday parties to fancy wedding setups, they are popping up everywhere. Balloon Garland proves to be the perfect decoration for any party and easy, gorgeous and affordable yet.

Balloon Garland making tutorials often seems intimidating and difficult, but I have come up with the easiest and best recipe to create a DIY Balloon Garland. And you gotta trust me balloon garland is so easy to make, with hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes of balloons available, you can match it to your party theme. Being a working woman and a mother of two, it becomes difficult and a kind of mayhem to make arrangements for a birthday party and especially the decorations part. So I prefer balloon garlands as they are the best and easiest decorations to make.

Before I share my recipe to make the garland I’d like to answer the question that you all might be thinking about, Why Balloon Garlands?

Number one: Balloon Garlands are the easiest decorations to make for any event, much easier than pinning individual balloons on the wall that takes a lot of time.

Number Two: Everyone thinks about their pocket first when it comes to decorations because after the party is over the entire amount spent on decorations goes directly into the trash bin. But Balloon Garlands are so incredibly affordable to make that a couple of garlands would make up the entire decorations for your party.

Number Three: Balloon Garlands are not only inexpensive but also makes a huge impact. The last time I did make one for my daughter’s birthday it was so amazing that everyone was asking for the decorator’s contact number. Balloon Garlands make a huge impact on the decoration and the best thing it is just a piece of cake to make it.

Number Four: It’s not the just the interior decorations where balloon garlands could be used, you can use them for outside decorations too. The variety of color combinations increase when it comes to outdoors because now you’re not limited up to four walls and a roof.

What you would need to make a Balloon Garland?

1. Latex balloons of a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

2. Low temperature glue gun (Loaded)

3. Twine or ribbon or string (whichever is available at the moment)

4. Balloon Pump (Not suggested to blow up all balloons with your own breath)

A Complete process of making DIY Balloon Garland by me:

Step 1: Inflate all the balloons: The very first step is to inflate all the balloons that you’ve got with you and keep them aside. Try keeping them in different sizes and don’t blow them up to their maximum limit. I always suggest using a balloon pump when you blow up balloons.

Step 2: Cut String and tie: Cut the string of the length you need of your garland and tie between two chairs and keep them apart making a taut bridge with the string.

Step 3: Make Clusters: Make small clusters of the balloons that you blew by twine 3-5 balloons in each cluster. Make sure your cluster comprises balloons of all sizes.

Step 4: Paste them up: Glue the clusters to each other using low temp glue gun and finally paste them to the string one by one.

Step 5: Hang it up: Your Balloon Garland is now ready to be decorated where ever you want it to be. Before installing it finally just make sure that there is no space left on the string or the string is not visible easily, if yes paste a couple of more balloons on it.

Tadaa! Your balloon Garland is now ready to be hanged where ever you want it.

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