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20 ct 12-in Dark Green Color Latex Balloons Different Sizes

$4.50 $2.50

  • Each package contains 20 pcs 12 Inches (after inflating) Dark Green Colored Balloons, safe to be used for children.
  • Made with high quality natural latex balloons, they’re biodegradable and sensitive to light and heat.
  • Blow them up with either your mouth, air balloon pump or helium. Balloons can be filled with Air, Helium or Water.
  • Big savings for Premium Quality Balloons, Create a photobooth with balloon backdrops, home décor and balloons arches for any joyous occasion.
  • Great for wedding parties, birthday parties, graduations parties and many other parties and festival occasions.


Key Features:

  • 12″ Dark Green Shiny and Bright balloons
  • Inexpensive for 20 count
  • Well-made of high quality latex
  • Easy to blow up and tie off
  • The size is a traditional standard size ballon, 12 Inches (after inflating)
  • The latex balloons are not for a birthday party only but it also suit well to any occasion like wedding celebration,baby shower parties, bridal parties,anniversary,etc.

These Dark Green balloons will look great whether they’re filling out a balloon bouquet or rounding out the decor at birthday party, bridal shower, wedding celebration, graduation party or any other special occasions. It would really make the party outstanding,attractive,and more fun to everybody, You can make any design or style of decoration with this latex balloons. Balloons inflatable diameter rear about 12 inches size, Please do not Over-Inflate. It is a perfect size for your any party decoration. These balloons are sure to shine your party!

Package including:

20 Pack 12″ Dark Green Latex Balloons

Warm reminder:

These balloons are made from latex, and it is important to ensure that everyone at your event is not allergic to latex. We however strongly advise that you only inflate these balloons with a pump. Please don’t play with balloons after touch acidic materials such as citrus or juice. It’s best to keep them away from the extreme temperatures.


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