16 inches Gold Helium Foil Number and Letter Balloons


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  • Helium Fallible
  • 16 inches
  • Gold Color


Pick the Right Size of Gold Foil Balloons for Your Party Decoration

Foil Balloons Size

Letter Balloons 16 inches and 40 inches

16 Inches Letter Number Balloons can be used as following decoration:

Before purchasing these 16 inches or 40 inches gold helium balloons, it is very important to understand the sizes. The right size of letter balloons¬† will make a huge different for your party. For small area decoration with long name or long words, it’s better to pick 16 inches letter balloons. In reverse, if you are planning an outdoor event or planning on decoration of a large area with short word, e.g “AMY”, “LEE”, “SCOTT”, you might be considering using 40 inches letter balloons.

Do you have any idea how large area you are going to decorate? Use the drop down menu to pick the right size and letters or numbers.

Balloon Stands

Additional information

Letters & Numbers

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A


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