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Balloon Column Stand DIY Flower

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  • FREE EDUCATIONAL E-BOOK EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTION: Comes with free e-Book that is very easy to follow to create this beautiful balloon flower tower. e-Book can be read on multiple brand devices such as computers, ipads, iphones, and all android tablets and phones.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR DECORATION: Tiffany, white, pink colors create an elegant atmosphere for your party event. Also, you can put a smiling face on the flower as greeting sign for guests. Everyone love smiling face.
  • BALLOON COLUMN STAND SIZE: The whole balloon flower tower is 5 feet height and 3.5 lb in weight (after the base is filled up with water). It’s perfect for indoor use.
  • OUTDOOR USE RECOMMENDATION: It needs more weight to prevent falling down from outdoor wind. Solution #1 for outdoor: add weight from iron dumbbell (see picture #1). Solution #2: purchase extra an extra base for each balloon column stand. Solution #3: use dark tape to secure the base on the ground.
  • RE-USABLE FOR ANOTHER PARTY: The balloon column stand is re-usable for unlimited number of times. Pick some colorful balloons and make another beautiful balloon flower tower with different colors combination.


Quick Master the Balloon Decoration Skill with This Flower Balloon Column Stand Kit

Balloon decoration is fun and easy once you have a good easy to follow instruction. This balloon column stand is designed to provide educational contents as well as on hand material to build a beautiful balloon column stand with flower theme. It comes with balloons, balloon column stand parts, and a free e-book which provide detailed easy to follow instruction for user. If you don’t like the colors of the flower, just simply change it. Master the skill of balloon flower decoration today!

Product Specification:

  • Package including: Free e-Book for building balloon column stand flower tower, 40 balloons, 40 balloon clips, balloon column base x 1, poles x 4, and connector x 3
  • Decoration Theme: Balloon Flower Tower with 3 colors: tiffany, white, pink
  • Balloons’ Size: 10 inches
  • Balloon Column Stand Height: 5 feet
  • Balloon Column Stand Height: 3.5 lb

How to Use:

Our e-Book provide detailed steps to build this flower theme balloon column stand. Once you master the skill, you can build another one in just a minute.

Why is WYNMarts Balloon Column Stand Better than Other Brand?

  • Free Educational e-Book to help customers master balloon building skill
  • Extra Value but Low Price
  • Beautiful and Professional

Build your beautiful flower tower to impressive your friends and family.

Click “Add to Cart ” and become a balloon column stand decoration expert today!


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