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Blue & White Balloon Arch Kit

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  • PERFECT AND SIZE: This Balloon Arch is 8FT tall and 18 FT wide. It’s perfect size for an adult to go through.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & DISASSEMBLE: WYNMarts provide its quick easy building guide to help users build this beautiful balloon arch fast, big time saving.
  • PRE-DESIGN PATTERN – One of the beautiful patterns that designed to add to its collection. It’s named “The Gate to Blue Ocean”
  • RE-USABLE FOR UNLIMITED TIMES – next time, when you need to build another balloon arch. Follow WYNMarts instruction, and purchase 10-inches balloons to build your unique balloon arches.
  • SAND & WATER FILLABLE – Depending on how heavy you need, users can fill up with sand or water to add extra weight.


The Most Beautiful and Easiest Blue Balloon Arch You Ever Create to Impress Your Audience

PartyZealot carefully designs the size of the balloon and its pattern. Then create an easy to follow instruction guide to help users build a beautiful balloon arch. Every balloon arch has more than enough balloons for users to build, so users do not need to buy extra. More important, if users miss balloons (like 1 – 5 balloons), we will ship them to our customers for FREE.

Product Specification:

  • Balloon Arch Bases: 2 units
  • Pole: 10 units connected by a string
  • Base and Pole Connected Tube: 2 units
  • 10-inches Balloon: 40 Dark Blue, 70 Light Blue, and 40 White

How to Assemble:

Each WYNMarts customer will receive an quick easy building instruction along with their purchase. Instruction is easy to follow. If users have any questions about WYNMart products, please message us and we will reply within 24 hours.

Click “ Add to Cart” and Start to Build the Most Beautiful Blue Balloon Arch You Ever Create.


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