Electric Air Pump for Balloons

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115 in stock


Electric Balloon Inflator Air Pump Massive Balloons Blower US Standard Plug for Balloon Arch, Balloon Column stand, and Balloon Decoration 




<li>Time Saving – It takes about 2 seconds to inflate a 12" balloon, or it takes less than 30 minutes for 100 balloons inflation.</li>

<li>Easy Carry & Storage – Comes with retail box with size 7.8 x 6 x 4.7 inches. Its size is similar to a pack of soda, but the weight is only 2.25 pounds.</li>

<li>Easy to Use – Inflate the balloons by press and let go the nozzle to release air into balloons. No preliminary set up require</li>

<li>Efficient for Latex Balloons: It's ideal for inflating small to large sizes ROUND or Olive shapes balloons. However, it's not ideal for long tail magic balloons or animal balloons.</li>

<li>Excellent for Fast Balloon Decoration – Save tremendous time if you are building a balloon arch or balloon column stand, making your deceleration project turn into a piece of cake</li>



<b>Time Saving Beast – The Best Electric Balloon Inflator Air Pump You Ever Get for Your Balloon Decoration Project</b>



It's very time consuming by using handheld air pump to inflate over 100 balloons. Using handheld balloon pump is such a tedious work that turns your happiness into an overwhelming and stressful moment. Now, say goodbye to the tedious work by adopting electric balloon air pump for your project. Comparing to other similar electric balloon air pump, Party Zealot provides some helpful tools that comes with the product to help users increase the speed by 50%. 



<b>How to Use – The Most Effective Way:</b>


<li>First – Plug the US port into an outlet</li>

<li>Second – Pick up a balloon with any sizes</li>

<li>Third – Insert the balloon neck or opened tail into a BLUE nozzle.</li>

<li>Forth – Press the nozzle and let go to release air into the balloon</li>

<li>Fifth – Practice, Practice, and Practice!</li>



<b>Product Specification:</b>


<li>Electric Air Pump : 1 quantity</li>

<li>Color: Pink Red</li>

<li>Plug: U.S Standard Plug, 110V

<li>Package: Retail box</li>



<p><b>Takes it home with you today!</b> Try this electric air pump to find out  how much time it can save you. If you are not satisfied, we give you 100% money back.</p>



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