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Balloon Column Stand Bases ( 2 Set )

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  • PERFECT BASE FOR DIY BALLOON COLUMN STANDS – These two bases have a middle hole of 2 mm (0.78″) in diameter which is perfect for similar size PVC poles. It won’t fit if your PVC pole is larger than 2 mm (0.78″).
  • SAND, WATER, SALT FALLIBLE – Depend on where you will be using this base as balloon column stand. For indoor, it can be filled with water. For outdoor you need a bit heavy stuff fill up the bases, so we highly recommend using sand or salt.
  • EASY TO USE – There is no trick or complicated instruction for using these bases. Just open the lid and fill it up with either sand, water, salt, or metal beads.
  • ATTENTION– We don’t recommend using this for building a balloon arch. It might NOT be heavy enough to hold the balloon arch. We recommend you to using PartyZealot Balloon Arch Kit to build your balloon arch instead of these two bases.
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The Best Bases to DIY a Balloon Column Stand with Unique Style

Do you have extra PVC poles with 2 mm or 0.78″ in diameter ? If you do, you can purchase these two bases to save more money for building a balloon column stand. Just simply put your PVC stick into the base and fill them up with either water, sand, salt, or metal beads.

Product Specification:

  • Numbers of Base :2 units
  • Middle Hole Diameter: 2mm or 0.78″
  • Fillable Material: Water, Salt, Sand, Metal Beads etc.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Weight WITHOUT Water: 7.05 oz
  • Product Weight After Filled WITH Water: 2 lb


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