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Rainbow Colorful Happy Birthday Helium Balloon


  • Colorful Happy Birthday Balloon
  • Made from aluminum foil
  • Helium compatible(can also use air)
  • Smiley face bring happiness
  • It can float for a long time


Perfect color for any theme birthday parties! Guests will love your Balloon Birthday Banner Perfect for babies, kids, teens, and adults. Appropriate for any ages! Once the balloon is aired. It can last for almost a month!

This Rainbow color Happy birthday balloon with a smiley face made from aluminum foil. So, the balloon is pretty much robust. It’s can float for a long time and there is a less chance to get damaged the balloon. Balloon ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ the self-sealing balloons will arrive uninflated. Slowly blow to inflate. When the balloon is sufficiently inflated,pinch the self sealing plastic valve. Balloons will stay inflated for days.


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